Monday, March 16, 2009

PCB Glossary : N to R

Identification symbols applied to the board by means of screen printing, inkjetting, or laser processes. See Legend.

The top and bottom sides of any type of circuit board.

See Land.

The configuration of conductive and nonconductive materials on a panel or printed board. Also, the circuit configuration on related tools, drawing, and masters.

Pattern Plating:
The selective plating of a conductive pattern.

Photographic Image:
An image in a photo mask or in an emulsion that is on a film or plate.

A photographic process whereby an image is generated by a controlled light beam that directly exposes a light-sensitive material.

Photo Print:
The process of forming a circuit pattern image by hardening a photosensitive polymeric material by passing light through a photographic film.

A transparent film that contains the circuit pattern, which is represented by a series of lines of dots at a high resolution.

Plated Through-Hole:
A hole with plating on its walls that makes an electrical connection between conductive layers, external layers, or both of a printed board.

A flat plate of metal within the lamination press in between which stacks are placed during pressing.

Plating Void:
The area of absence of a specific metal from a specific cross-sectional area.

The mechanical converting of X-Y positional information into a visual pattern such as artwork.

Sheet material (e.g. glass fabric) impregnated with a resin cured to an intermediate stage (B-stage resin).

The process by which a combination of heat and pressure are applied to a book, thereby producing fully cured laminated sheets.

Printed Board:
The general term for completely processed printed circuit or printed wiring configurations. It includes single, double-sided, and multi-layer boards, both rigid and flexible.

Printed Circuit:
A conductive pattern that comprises printed components, printed wiring, or a combination thereof, all formed in a predetermined design and intended to be attached to a common base. (In addition, this is a generic term used to describe a printed board produced by any of a number of techniques.)

Printed Wiring Board:
A part manufactured from rigid base material upon which completely processed printed wiring has been formed.

The degree of conformity to the position of a pattern, or a portion thereof, a hole or other feature to its intended position on a product.

Resin (Epoxy) Smear:
Resin transferred from the base material onto the surface of the conductive pattern in the wall of a drilled hole.

Coating material used to mask or to protect selected areas of a pattern from the action of an etchant, solder, or plating. Also called soldermask or mask.

A PCB construction combining flexible circuits and rigid multi-layers usually to provide a built-in connection or to make a three-dimension form that includes components.

A machine that cuts away portions of the laminate to form the desired shape and size of the printed board.

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