Thursday, March 12, 2009

CNC drilling

The techniques for drilling copperclad for double-sided and multilayer PCBs with automated equipment are identical, with the exception that multiple drilling steps will be needed if your multilayer design includes buried or blind vias. Refer to the documentation that came with your drilling machine for more information (standard boilerplate cop-out). Items to remember include:

  • set the STACK HEIGHT parameter to clear all dowel pins during traverse
  • set the SPINDLE FEED (inches per minute) and SPINDLE SPEED (RPM) for each drill size to values consistent with drilling standard 0.062" (1.6mm) FR-4 copperclad.
  • set the SPINDLE PLUNGE DEPTH so that the tip of the largest diameter drill bit fully enters the backing material. Otherwise, these large diameter holes will not totally penetrate to bottom laminate and exit foil.
  • DO NOT contour route the board immediately after drilling the stack. This should only be done after all other processing is complete.

This machine is designed through the feature of heat inverter unit,it can finish drilling the hole of tubesheet、hole of bolt and drilling of sheet,also it can be used for handling of joint plate of steel construction and products etc.

  • It has the system of clamp、automatic removal and refrigeration circulation.
  • It has to to four power heads which makes it work high efficiently.
  • Advanced CNC power head feed-in system.
  • All kinds of safe monitor and alarm stop system:the machine will stop if the drill breaks or other contingency happens,in order to avoid mechanical failure.
  • Easy operation,lower the possibility of misoperation and the affect of human factor to the quality of the machine.
  • Realizing CAD/CAM(can be operated once the interrelated file is folded)

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